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Post  Brionac on Wed Dec 09, 2009 5:53 pm

Hello all, my IGN is Brionac and I’m from Fairy Tale guild. I have decided to construct a guide in my free time the intention of helping both new and old players. Below are the table of contents, and I may decide to add more in the future. I didn’t have enough time to place it the order of importance, so I suggest you read/skim to the desired part.

Table of contents:
1. Basics
2. FP (Fletta Points)
3. PK state
4. Inventory
5. Skills
6. Fletta Attributes
7. Exp bar
8. Map
9. Quest guides
10. Shortcuts
11. Levelling guide
12. Crafts
13. Fletta weapons/armors
14. Guilds
15. Status
16. Mining/Fishing
17. Karlotto
18. Generally-sought drop item list

1. Basics
Attacking is done by right clicking a monster/player; you can also left click and do the Attack action.
Moving can be accomplished by two ways, one is by clicking the desired spot to move and one is by using the QWES key (Q is to move towards NW, W moves toward your front, E moves toward your NE, S moves backward), if you move while holding down the mouse and shifts the camera your motion will still be in the initial direction. Release and adjust the mouse to move efficiently.

2. FP (Fletta Points)
Fletta Points can be obtained by filling up the FP bar on the upper left corner (char hp/mp/fp bars), the rate of filling depends on your lvl and the enemy’s lvl compared to you. You get lower fletta rate if you kill weaker mobs and higher if you kill stronger mobs. Note that fletta can be spent in various ways.

3. PK state
You can turn pk state on/off once you hit lvl 10, this can be done by clicking the Dove/Sword icon on the bottom left bars. You can monitor what pk state you are at the moment by looking near your hp bar. PK off means you are unable to attack other players even if you right click on them accidentally, PK on means you can attack other players (unavailable in safe zones). You get colored the more your pk count rises, dying while in purple colour (ruthless killer) means higher chance of having eq dropped.

Advantages of pking:
a. Satisfaction
b. Chance of getting dropped items
c. To teach someone a lesson (ex: they force you to a party by inviting continuously)

Disadvantages of pking:
a. Turns into coloured state, of which you are more likely to drop eq when dying
b. Will be targeted by NPC ‘Guard’ near safe zones and certain places
c. You will have a hard time leveling, especially if lots of people have grudges on you
Pk state can recover over time.

4. Inventory
Inventory in this game is not weight based; it uses ‘slot’ system. So only the type of item matters. You can craft extra inventory bags in usable item shops (15 piece of leather, 5 leather lining). Moving items can be done by click and drag method, also you can use the SHIFT key to move certain numbers of items to another slot. The capacities of items beside gems/armors/weapons/etc are usually 100 (you can store 100 items before you need another slot).

5. Skills
Not much to say here, you need 1 skill points to raise your skill lvl. The game uses skill tree system, in which you need to get the skills (at least lvl 1) above your desired skill connected by lines. Higher lvls of skills have enhanced effects, and requires higher character lvl.

Note: Raise all passive skills and self-buff skills, they are usually the best.

6. Fletta Attributes
There are 7 Fletta attributes: Yin and Yang; Fire, Wood, Air, Water and Earth. Fire increases Physical atk, Wood increases Magic atk, Air increases atk speed, Water increases movement speed, Earth increases defense.

Here is the recommended attributes to take:
a. Blader: Fire
b. Paladin: Earth
c. Rogue; Air/Water
d. Sorceress: Wood

7. Exp bar
On the top of the screen you can see a long line; it denotes your exp accumulated. It also shows your current exp and the exp needed to level up. On the right side lies ‘%’ which is helpful in monitoring leveling speed.

Note that the exp bar in this game is bizarre at times, you need less exp from lvl 15 to 16 compared to the exp needed from 14 to 15.

8. Map
You can adjust mini map zoom level by clicking the signs on the upper right corner of the screen. Shortcut for map is ‘M’. Also you can click the Arrow pointing upwards on the left side of the map name to change channel conveniently.

9. Quest guides
Quests can be viewed by pressing ‘L’. You can tick them to make them show on right hand side of the monitor for easier viewing. If you need to, you can also refer to the quest arrows on top of your character as to what direction you should take to complete the quest (untick all quests and tick desired one to make the arrow appear).

10. Shortcuts
Z = Equivalent to sitting in most MMO’s, you can recover while moving which is nifty.
X = PK on/off state
F = Looting
V = Summons holy beast to ride
K = Skill Window
L = Quest Window
M = Show Map
I = Inventory
Y = Open user shop

11. Levelling Guide
From my experience, the best way to level is by doing quests. There are Regular quests, Chain quests, and Repeat quests. Regular quests are the one-time-only quest; they may lead to Chain quests. Chain quests are made of multiple errands, and usually give good rewards at the end. Repeat quests are repeatable, you can do it 1x/100x/1000x.

Lvl 1-6 = Follow the quests from the starting points, level up naturally. Get quests from places such as weapon/armor shop etc.

Lvl 6-16 = on the center of the map lies Jason, he gives repeatable quest with 720 exp per report. This quest is so practical and gives off huge exp per minute that many people spams it till lvl 20 even. This quest is best done in a party of 5, whereas quest item droprate increases a lot.

Lvl 16-21 = Go to Lupinel, take every repeatables/general quests you can find, go North of the town to the Northwest part of the map. You get to meet: Little Hound, Gray Hound, Goblin, Eagles. Expect good exp when reporting the quest.

Lvl 21+ = At the moment I am lvl 21, lupinel repeatables run is still good, you can hunt Sneekie in Pathetic Swamp for FP grind.

12. Crafts
You talk to certain npc to craft items. Most of the materials can be obtained from Mining/Fishing/hunting. You need to pay craft fee to craft. Press Combine All to make the craft from all your materials. Press the arrow and Combine to adjust the amount.

13. Fletta weapons & armors
They are craftable from Weapon/Armor shop. These orbs will transform to the wearer’s weapon according to the class they choose at lvl 10. They also transform depending on the wearer’s lvl, so you can wear fletta weapons and not having to worry about equip chance. Same principle applies to fletta armor, but it only covers the torso. You cannot add skulls/enchant scrolls on fletta weapons/armors.

14. Guilds
Press G to view guild. Being in a guild is like having a social network, you can use the Guild Vault (guild storage) and you can donate FP for the guild to lvl up (feature currently not implemented).

15. Status
Here are the following status and their significance:

Strength (STR) = boosts physical attacks
Intelligence (INT) = boosts magical attacks, it does not boost cleric’s heal
Mentality = boosts magical defense
Vitality = Boosts hp
Dexterity = boosts hit rate (or attack rating), block rate, critical chance

16. Mining/Fishing
Mining can be done by equipping a pickaxe bought/obtained from Mining Shop quest, right click the mine (ex: Left of Berneo) to start mining. When your inventory is full you can no longer get any item, even when the items you are theoretically suppose to get is not at full capacity yet. Results = ores, gems, coals and other stuff.

Fishing can be done by equipping fishing pole bought from Fishmonger, right click fishing spot to start fishing (ex: Outside of Berneo). Results = Toads, Gold toads, fishes, bones, etc.

17. Karlotto
Simply put, it is a lottery. This is available from Fishmonger. However you use ‘Clams’ as the currency, you can add more clams than required for maybe a better chance of success (written as Kakuhen something). Special Karlotto requires 900 clams (best items) while the lowest Karlotto requires 150 clams. I did 180 clams (150+30) on lowest and got a potion of rejunevation. I did 1990 clams (900+1090) on special and got a Greater Diamond.

18. Generally-sought item drop list
Piece of Leather = Little GCsidae drops them, all low-lvled BEAST mobs also do
Leather = Higher-lvled BEAST/HUMANOID mobs mostly
Magical Stone = Lupinel Mine, I think you need to mine after the mine is taken over by a guild (currently unavailable)
Fletta Gem Shard = Use 1 goldfish + 1 goldfish bone in the Fishmonger’s game, chance of success is roughly 50%, also can be obtained from mining.

I may update with more info once I am more accustomed to the game, feel free to point out mistakes. That’s all for now I guess…


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